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Have you ever seen a word whose elements retain its meaning when viewed from different direction or orientation. This is known as Ambigram (Latin Ambi - same , Gram -letter) The meaning of an ambigram may change or remain same when viewed from different  direction or orientation.

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 There are various types of ambigrams:
  • 3-Dimensional
  • Mirror image
  • Reflective
  • Flipscript
  • Symbiotogram
  • Rotational
  • Multilingual
Today ambigram have become quite popular and are used in graphic design, commercial covers and tattoos. Ambigram style tattoos are very much popular and they read the same upside down.

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 Illuminati is first ambigram encountered in 'Angels and Demons' , book by Dan Brown. This ambigram is very popular and drawn by John Langdon.

2. Steampunk Rotational Ambigram

3.  Air ,  Earth, Fire and Water  Ambigrams  from Angels and Demons , by John Langdon

 4. Art & Science-Philosophy Ambigram tattoo:

5. "One Blood , One Love"

6. Angels and Demons:

7. Chirp:  A logo designed by Todd Weber for his business
8. Edge

9. Math Magic:

10. The Princess Bride also featured Ambigram style title on cover.

11. Father:

12. Right Wrong Ambigram

13. Drink/Drunk

14. Awesome:
15.  True-False
16. Vegas

 17.  Sun Microsystems:

18. Dirty-Clean:
20. Strength:

21. Come In / Go Away for Door mat: source

22. Have a Nice Day / Go F Yourself: via

23. Blacksmith Records Logo:

24: Hyundai Logo:

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