How OLA is cheating Indian Customers with Dynamic Pricing Policy

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OLA cabs that are known for their Cheap rides have started giving shock to their customers whenever they come to know they have been charged beyond their exception. We have seen their fancy advertisement that claims them to be cheapest taxi Provider with fare as low as 8 rs per km. but customers are feeling cheated and Shocked when they have to pay Rs 706 for 16 km , that is around 44 Rs per km for Indica Ride.

This is a trick by OLA team that is surely beneficial for them but Customers have to Pay more money for even small distances.While booking Cabs using application, a Pop up appears that reads as Peak Pricing Charge (2x or 2.2x or even more)  will apply and Customers usually in hurry never thinks much that it can cost 3 times and normally clicks Yes button and falls in OLA pricing trap.

Check out above Fare details. A 16 Km Indica  ride costs Rs 706 , that is Rs 44 per Km. Isn't it too much.

I have been frequent user of OLA cab, and a couple of days back they overcharged me with Over Pricing Trap and since then, I have to think twice before booking OLA cab.

Here is my Fare bill :

OLA charged me Rs 505 for 14.8 km ride that costs Rs 34 per km.The ride usually costs Rs 250 - 300 but this time i have to pay twice amount, that is  too much high and their Peak Pricing System is too complex and cheats the Customer.

I Called OLA customer representative regarding billing problem, but they replied peak pricing is to ensure that there are more cabs on the street to meet additional demand.
I don't understand this concept, if they have to provide their services 24x7 , it is upto OLA team to manage Shortage of Cabs, Why do Customers pay triple Price ? and practically i don't think there is any shortage of Cabs in Delhi/NCR and peak pricing is an evil idea of OLA to fool and cheat customers by overcharging them.

This Policy is only benefiting OLA and if this Pricing policy will continue, OLA will surely loose major share of its customers and will drift towards another Players available in the market.

Think twice, before Booking OLA cabs.


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