Bidvertiser vs Chitika [review Adsense alternative]

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Not able to get ADSENSE till now , or searching for Google adsense alternative, you are at the right place.
There are lots of adsense alternatives available; and two of the most common among them are BIDVERTISER and CHITIKA.

Well this is my personal review of both of the programs.


In order to monetize my blog,, I signed up for the Bidvertiser which is so called google adsense alternative,. Bidvertiser is easy to. Instal,, ads appear instantly ... But after running it for around 3 months or so... I found Bidvertiser to be fully useless for Indian publishers..

Now just take a look at the stats of impressions and clicks

I was damn shocked to notice that my blog is getting huge amount. Of impressions but still the clicks are just negligible.

Take a look 6118 impressions and just 6 clicks...Bidvertiser didn’t have enough advertisers’ base, especially from India. This is the main reason for low CPC and even a horrifying low CTR. So a big NO to any of the Indian publisher reading this post.. bidvertiser is fully useless. My suggestion to the fellow Indian bloggers and webmasters is to stay away from this Bidvertiser. There aren’t any proper ads showing up in Bidvertiser ad pools for Indian traffic. Even if they click, the click has to pass some walls and ways to get validated as genuine click. 


Chitika is a service that displays revenue earning ads to your website or blog visitors featuring different types of ads for different types of traffic.
As I am new to blogging and always googling and searching regarding adsense alternatives in order to monetize my blog. Till now I have tried Bidvertiser, clicksor, kontera, infolinks, adbrite , chitika. and after trying all these chitika proved to be most satisfactory among these.

Take a look at the video that shows Chitika earnings and payment history...It really works..

"Updated (on 27th august, 2011): ---

I am using Chitika for around 3 months and after using it for 3 months I review Chitika to be a must try if you are searching for a best adsense alternative. But in order to earn from chitika your blog or website must be getting huge amount visitors from the search engines because chitika displays its ads only if the visitor is coming through search engines. "

Chitika inc. Details:
Minimum payout : 10 $ (via Paypal)
                               50$ (via check)

50 $ through check is its advantage over adsense as minimum payout in adsense is 100 $
Also chitika is compatible with google adsense that means both can be used at the same time on a site.

So any of the bloggers reading this post , I 'll suggest they must use chitika as adsense alternative

You can sign up for a free chitika account from  here  .

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