Infolinks review | PPC in-text advertising program

Infolinks which is the most popular in-text advertising program available and is one of the most used advertising program. I am also using it on my blogs. Getting an Infolinks account is very easy. Just sign up and next day you will be approved as a publisher and ad code will be provided, paste that and ads appear instantly. Also it is used a lot as it does not require any space and a particular text or keyword act serves a banner for ads whenever the mouse is dragged over a highlighted word (opens in a floating window). Also it displays quality ads.
Types of Infolinks ads :-
=>First one I have already told you that is the Highlighted text (floating window). Serves as an advertisement and whenever a user clicks on it, it is counted as a Click.

=> Second type of ad served by Infolinks is the tag cloud that displays several keywords and if the mouse is dragged over them ad's banner is displayed and if a user clicks it is counted as a click.

Third is the infolinks related tags that is like link ads of google adsense.take a look at the screenshot of that.
 Coming over Infolinks Earnings/Revenue.

 First take a look at the earnings when my blog got less impressions , earnings were very less as shown for around 100-200 impressions, just 2-3 clicks and very less revenue .

In next screenshot : -It shows the earnings when my blog got a huge amount of impressions. The earnings increased as the impressions increased .

 Number of revenue is directly proportional to the number of clicks which in turn is directly proportional to the number of impressions your site/blog is getting. In order to get more impressions or traffic , you must write well and provide the best to the web surfers.

Infolinks earnings method:-

Various methods are available for receiving payments like Paypal, Payoneer Mastercard (Minimum threshold is $ 50 for both), Bank wire/Ach ($ 500 minimum payout.)

So, you must use infolinks as monetizing program and also it can be used along with Adsense and Chitika.

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