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Google has come out with a bunch of Changes past few months Now  GOOGLE has added one more feature . Now we don't need to plot graph manually or use  a Software or Calculator  for the same. Recently Google launched its brand new Service that helps you to plot Graph easily.
Just go to the Google search bar and type the mathematical functions and Google will come out with  a Graph with in seconds. Also this feature helps to plot the Graph of any of the complex functions available whether it is logarithmic, exponential, any polynomial. Just type that in the search bar and Get your plot instantly.

The Graph looks awesome and the value at any instant can be found very  easily, just drag your mouse or Touch-pad over that area and know that particular value .
Also you can find Graph for multiple functions at one time. You need to separate multiple functions by commas (,) and GOOGLE will plot it for you. This is an awesome feature added by Google and I will be definitely making full use of this service. So overall it is a Graph Calculator.


1) Raise to power is denoted by (^) . x^3 means x raise to power three.
2) Use brackets ( and ) for starting and ending a function.

Read more about this at Google's Official blog.
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