Chitika - Google Adsense Alternative for Websites Review

Chitika Review
I hope you all must be familiar with this term (Chitika). As Getting a Google adsense account is difficult task for many bloggers , So Bloggers search for various alternatives of Google adsense in order to monetize their content  and Chitika is one among them . Chitika is serving ads since 2003 with Yahoo and bI-5media as its partners.

Chitka ads are of various types like Chitika premium, Chitika select , and Chitika mobile ads for mobile users. They do not serve images banner or flash ads like Adsense.

                                                            Preview of Chitika ads

When Chitika will work best for your website 

Chitika ads will work best if your Site / Blog receives traffic from US , Canada , UK , Australia , Belgium , Denmark , Germany ,India , Sweden , Spain , New-Zealand , Italy ,Netherlands and France .

Watch this video that shows the Chitika Dashboard and Earning summary.

Chitika will work for small as well as Large publishers

Chitika divides the websites in 3 tiers or category depending upon the number of impressions a website is getting. These tiers are Gold , Silver and Bronze respectively.

Chitka is compatible with Google adsense that means both the advertising program can be used at the same time on a website.

Chitika minimum payout :

Chitika offers revenue payout both via check and Paypal account.

Minimum Payout : $ 10 (via Paypal)   and  $ 50 (via check).
Payments are based on 'Net 30'  basis that means if you sign up for Chitika on 10th January and earns threshold minimum payout say $14 by the end of January , then you will receive this money at the end of February.

Updated (10th Feb. 2012)

Chitika vs Google Adsense

Well Google adsense beats chitika in the CPC i.e. cost per click. Google adsense program gives much high Cpc as compared to Chitika CPC. However if it is used along with Google adsense it will turn out to be best monetization program . Suppose you earn $ 100 every month by 2 Adsense Units then , putting 1 Chitika unit will give you additional  $ 25. So your total earning will be $125 . So I will suggest all the webmasters and bloggers that they must use Chitika along with Adsense inorder to earn maximum .
Also Google adsense stats (page views ,Clicks ,Ctr etc ) updates in real time while Chitika stats are updated once in a day.
However if you are not able to get adsense till now, You must give a try to Chitika ads.