[ How to] email files larger than 25MB

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Most of the popular e-mail service like Gmail , Yahoo , rediffmail , hotmail allows you to send files as an attachment , But the file Size is limited to 25 Mb or 50 MB in some services. However if you try to send files more than 25 MB , it is rejected as the Size increases.

So , lets explore some of the popular services available online that can help you in sending large Files that can in GB's as well.

1. Toobigforemail 

Toobigforemail allows you to send , receive large files upto 2GB.You just need to fill up a form regarding details such as sender's Email id , Recipient email id ,subject,choose the file that you want to send. Click the upload button ,it will start uploading /sending the file.

The form shown in the image shows the neccessary details required to fill in , similar to composing email in commom email services like Gmail , Yahoo .

2. Dropsend : This service offers you various plans like Lite ,basic ,Standard , pro , Business . The Lite plan is free while other costs from $ 5 to $ 99 a month. Lite plan allows you to send file upto 2GB. However you can send only 5 times in a month.If you wish to send more files , You can choose plan according to your needs.

3. Gigasize : Gigasize also allows you to send files upto 2GB . It also serves free and premium account. Free account gives you account storage of 2 GB and file is deleated after 45 days of inactivity.

4. Supershare : Supershare offers unlimited file transfer of size upto 2GB.

4. Boxify.me : Boxify requires no sign-up or registration. Just select the file , type the recepient email id and start uploading .
5. Beside the above , there are many other websites such as Wetranfer , Box.com ,Yousendit , Lycos  that can be used for sending large files of upto 3GB size.

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