Howzat Cricket : Play Cricket game on Facebook

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If you are a cricket lover and love playing cricket games , Facebook has got something great for you. An application ' Howzat Cricket ' by Espn cricinfo allows you to Play cricket game straight on your facebook .
Howzat cricket is a Multiplayer game and you can compete with your friends online as well with other stranger competitor  around the globe . It is an interesting application and has been nicely developed. Also this game can be played online on the website of Espn Cricinfo . For playing this game your device must have Adobe flash player installed on it. One thing i noticed about this app is that , it allows you to do batting only ,you can't bowl  in Howzat cricket.

 This game has two modes :
1. Challenge mode : There are several sub modes in challenge mode . Each sub mode has several tasks in it.These sub modes are Pro league ,Super league , Cup of nations ,World league ,World championship and world series.

2. Multiplayer Mode : This is the interesting part of this app. Play with more than one competitors , Score maximum score in 5 over , Grab the victory and brag about it. 
Type of Multiplayer games :
1. Play with Friends : By this you can play cricket game with your online friends. 4 friends can play this game at a time and the match is of 5 over.
2. Play world : By choosing this option , you can compete with three random online players across the world.
                                                            Screenshot of howzat cricket
Also this game has several other options like Inventory that allows you to buy equipments and power ups to increase your performance.Recently two new features  of Shop and leaderboard has been added in this game.
So what are you waiting for , Visit  Now and start hitting sixes.

UPDATE 10th October , 2012

New Interface
All new Team management tab by which you can buy / sell players and renew their Contract , there making this game more interesting.



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