Basic Things to Keep In Mind before Buying a Laptop

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 Planning to buy a laptop. Keep these important things in mind , It will surely gonna help you!

 Today with the advancement in technology , every single day a new gadget or feature hits the market. Also there are lots of brands available in market which makes difficulty in choosing one . This makes Customers very much confuse about which one should they buy. Don't worry in this post i am going to tell some of the main things one should keep in mind before buying a laptop.This will surely help you in choosing a laptop of your choice if they meets all the features/points mentioned below.

1. Processor:  It is the heart of a machine and most important and integral part of a laptop. Two major processors companies are Intel and Amd. Intel processors ( i3, i5, i7 )are best in performance while Amd though they are cheaper than intel has a limitation of heating up during summers.However the newer versions of Amd are relatively better in overall performance. Also one more thing you must look is the clock rate of processor like 2.3 GHz or 2.9 Ghz. The more is the clock rate , faster and better your laptop will be.

2. Memory (RAM) : Choose ram as per your requirements. Atleast 2 Gb RAM must be there in your laptop and it can be extended to several GB's . Buy more Ram if you often do multitasking on laptop , upgrade to 4GB for better processing speed.Beside Ram , also see the Cache memory of laptop as cache memory is very much important for processing speed , the more higher it is more better is your machine.

3.Battery: Battery is also an important component of Laptops , Go for 8 cell or higher batteries as they last longer.

4.Graphics/video Card : If you want to play games on your Laptop , then go for graphics card. Graphics cards of up to 1GB runs most of the Games. You can choose between Nvidea or Amd Radeaon , both are good in performance.However if you use internet for Documents , office works , internet browsing and watching videos , you won't require an additional dedicated video card.

5.Weight : Make sure that your laptop is not too much heavy , Nowadays with the improvement in fabrication technology most of the laptop weighs less than 3 kg with an average weight of around 2-2.2 kg.

6.Warranty: Many companies gives accidental warranty for 1 or more years with the laptops.

7.Size : Yes Size too matters !!!! Choose the display size as per your demand and suitability .Laptops are available from 11' to 17 inch. I'll suggest to go for 14 inch size as it is most apt and will be portable.

8.After sale services : Go for a reputed brand whose service after sale is good in your area.

9. Cost : Cost factor must be kept in mind , so that you gets the best, for what you are paying for.

10: Softwares CD :Make sure you gets all the required softwares and Motherboard CD along with laptop . Also most of the brands also gives genuine Windows CD along with new Laptop.

11. Surveys : This is the most important thing before buying a laptop , survey about laptops on internet and markets in your area. This will help you compare configuration and cost and help you in taking decisions.
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Beside this you must also choose the hard disk size as per your requirement. If 250 Gb is sufficient for you , Don't go for 1Tb as it will increase the overall cost of laptop.
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