How to Resize Local disk C Partition size without reinstallation Windows 7

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Windows 7 has inbuilt functionality of extending or compressing the Size of all Local disks. However there is a limitation that you cannot Resize  the one containing the System files and windows. However if you want to Resize or change the Capacity of Local disk containing Windows , mostly Local disk C has windows .So , if you want to expand or shrink the size of that particular  local disk , there are two options available. First is Reinstalling windows 7 again and Changing Drive's Size while installing. However it may result in Data loss. Second method , the easiest and faster one is using a software "Easeus Partition Master".
This software is very much easy to use and you can change the local disk size in few minutes using it.It is very user friendly software and it helps in resizing Disk size without any data loss but make sure you must create a unallocated memory space by shrinking any disk using Disk management tool. If you are not aware of Disk management tool , It is available in Control panel or you can directly find it by searching "Disk management"or "Create and format hard disk partition"from the task menu
                                                                                                  [Disk management]

Alternatively this software allows you to merge two local disks together. For example if you local disk C size is 15GB and local disk E size is 50GB. Using this software you can easily merge the size of both the disks/drives and store them in destination Disk C.Thus after merging the Local Disk C size will now be 15 + 50 = 75GB .  

Using this software is very much easy , as shown in the snapshot above various commands like resize ,copy ,merge etc are given on the left side of the screen. Choose merge if you want to increase the Disk size. It will automatically carry out couple of operations ,after that click on apply option at the top , next it would ask ask you to reboot your Pc , remember one of the final operation of its merging is still pending which is completed during rebooting . During reboot , there will be a black window that will complete the last operation of merging the Disk size and now your disks will be modified automatically. So the only thing you have to do is just merge the required the disks and it will easily Expand local disk C size.Just 2 0r 3 steps and you are done.

Benefits : 
1. No need of reinstalling the Windows again , saving your time.
2. Data loss during reinstalling can be prevented.
3. User friendly interface.
4. Freeware (For Home Users/ However professional version is not freeware.)

You can Download EasyUs Partition Software from here.


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