How to Stream US Fm Radio Stations outside the US

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Well if you are a Hip Hop ,Rap or English music lover there are lots of Online FM radios available online. As a Hip hop and Rap music lover , I listen Power 106 , Hot 97 Fm , Kiss Fm and Pandora radio(Countless radio stations streaming service) in India. It was working absolutely fine but after 1st march ,2012 , many of the US FM radios stopped streaming in India and Outside US. When a user outside Us tries to access these FM online , they are welcomed by the message : "Cannot play media. Sorry This content is not available in your area." as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot : Hot 97 Fm
What is  the problem ?:

Well if you are not able to stream Online Fm stations outside US , this is because of the IP address block by these Fm stations . Because of excessive license fee imposed on these Fm stations , these Fm has stopped broadcast outside US. So if you are accessing Fm stations outside US you are welcomed by the message shown in screenshot.

The first thing ,  most of you might have tried accessing these Fm stations using Proxy websites ,but they are not working to play them either.

Solution :

Best possible solution is this case is use of VPNs  (Virtual private network). I have found a useful free Vpn service software that can help you stream your favorite Fm radio outside Usa easily.

It is a free VPN service that connects you to a US based IP address , therefore when you surf the web using USA IP address.This software is available for windows and mac operating systems and it is 100 % working.

So just download Hotspot shield and install it in your device and start streaming Your favorite Fm station now.
Now i can access Power 106 and Hot 97 fm easily in India using this Tip , you can also access them using it.
Below is the screenshot that shows the streaming of Power 106 Fm using Hotspot shield.
Go ahead and start streaming now. Tell us about your experience and do comment if you are facing any difficulty in streaming.

Listen to HOt 97 in UK, Canada


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