How to Reduce RAM Usage | Tips

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RAM or Random Access Memory is very much important as the System's Processing Speed depends on it. We earlier Posted about the RAM requirements for smooth functioning of Computer for Different Users. In this Post I am Going to share some tips that can help you Reduce / Limit Your Ram as well as CPU usage to an extent. My PC that i bought 4 years ago has 2 GB RAM and its RAM usage increases upto 60 - 70 % , that is too much. After doing many things , i was successful to bring it down to 35 %.

If you don't know how to check RAM usage . It can be known by opening task manger using Alt + Ctrl + Delete at the same time and choosing Peformace tab. Also in Windows 7 , You can Use widget shown in image below to check your RAM and CPU usage.

1.  Don't Use too much Programs at a Time . If you are observing very large RAM usage on your Computer , End all the Unwanted Programs that are opened. You can end processes by Clicking the Processes Tab :-[ that shows all the current processes running on computer and memory they are using.] in thr Task Manager.

2.  If you are Using Windows 7 , Don't Use Aero themes as they Consume RAM . It will be better if you keep the Basic Windows 7 theme.

3.  If you are using Internet , Limit the number of Tabs in your Browser. Recent Chrome Update has Individual process for each single Tab or a single tab is treated a single process and each process Uses RAM individually. So for better performance limit the Number of Tabs in your browser.

4. Tip : 64 bit versions of Windows require more RAM , so you can Go for 32 bit version as it consumes less RAM or Physical memory.

5. Type msconfig at the search bar in windows 7 and Limit the services that you don't want to be loaded at the start up or after booting PC.This also helps to reduce RAM usage.

6.You can also try Ready boost that can help to speed up your PC by using a USB flash drive Readyboost is very much helpful . Read the Full tutorial . 

I Hope these tips must help you to reduce your Ram usage , Also comment below any other trick or method to Reduce RAM usage.


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