Things to keep in Mind Before Buying a Smartphone : Must Check 3 Features

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These days Market is flooded with Lot of Smartphones , every single day a new smartphone is launched , that makes you Confused about which one you should buy. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone , basic things you look for is its Camera , Screen Size , Looks , Builds and lastly its Price. But after buying the phone, you find it a little slower in processing  or the phone freezes often that can disappoint you. So instead of Going for the looks , better go for the one with good Performance. In this post I am going to tell you what Features or Specs You must Check before buying a Smartphone.

1. Processor : Processor is the core Functioning element  or Brain of the Smartphone. You can find Processors as Single core or double core in smartphones with a clock rate of up to 1 Ghz to 1.2 Ghz.
Remember : Double core processor are best as they are more powerful and can perform multitasking more efficiently. So make sure , you get the Smartphone equipped with Double core processor . Also the Clock speed specified as 800 Mhz or 1.2 Ghz or even more. The more is the Clock rate the better your smartphone will perform or more faster it will be.

2. RAM : RAM is also among the most important factor as the processing speed or the rate of Multitasking a Smartphone can do smoothly depends on RAM or physical memory of the smartphone. These days Smartphone carry minimum of 512 MB RAM for better browsing , Gaming and running various apps. So go for Smartphone with atleast 512 MB RAM and if it is more , better it will be.

3.Battery : Battery is an important factor as Later on you find that your smartphone  battery finishes very early , it will ruin your Smartphone experience. Battery Capacity is specified in mAh , So when you are buying Smartphone , make sure that the battery capacity is such that it does not drain quickly. Atleast go for 1400 mAh battery . 

Tip : Continuously Using Internet on mobiles drains Battery very quickly , So If you want to surf Internet on your smartphone , make sure you go for the one with battery capacity as high as possible like many smartphones have 1800-2000 mAh capacity that will be good.

These three Factors are worth Checking while buying a Smartphone . Rest of the Features like Camera : Depends on you , How much you want 2 MP , 5 MP or even more. Memory Capacity : Look for the Internal memory of the Phone , rest each phone are expandable to 32 GB these days.

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