7 Cool Google tricks and tools

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Google which is most used and favourite  browser has got lot more for you to keep you entertained. In this post i am going to Post some of the Google tricks .

1. Google Gravity :

Type Google Gravity on Google and click on I'am feeling Lucky. You will be surprised to see a brand new Google before well i m not going to tell how it is. Check it now !

2 .Askew :

Type Askew on Google .The screen will get tilt by some angle.The Google search will work as usual.

3. Epic Google :
Search " Epic Google" on Google and Click on i am feeling Lucky . A whole new Google will come before you. that is worth calling Epic.  The size of the Search tab keeps on getting bigger and bigger . Check it out. Its worth checking,

4. Barrell roll :

 Simply Google "do a barrel roll". Your page will start rolling.

5.  "42"

Google the keyword " the answer to life, the universe and everything " on Google , See the Answer on the Calculator. Well according to Google it is 42.


6. Google Pacman :

Type in  Google Pacman on Google and Click on I am feeling Lucky and Get ready to Play the Classic Pacman.

7. Google Doodles :

You can browse  through all the Google doodles shown by Google till date ( From the year 1998 ). Enjoy them. It is worth Exploring . 

Visit Google doodle Gallery : LINK

Google is awesome. I hope you will like this post. Don't forget to share this post if you like it.

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