Things to keep in mind while buying a USB Drive / Pendrive

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Well if you have to buy a Laptop or any Gadget , you always survey about them to get the best one available and the one that meets all your requirements. However while buying a Pendrive , one does not think much and simply buys it according to his/her memory requirements. The most common are 1 Gb , 2 Gb  and 4 Gb Pendrives. Well pendrives of various brands , colours , size are available these days . Many people gets attracted towards good looking and fancy USB drives and buy them but sadly they does not lasts longer because of damage caused by them due to Virus attacks. In this post , i am going to tell you various things that must be kept in mind while purchasing a USB Pendrive.

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Various FACTORS are :

1. USB Technology / Speed .
2. Memory Requirements
3. Cost per bit / Price
4. Compatibility with Operating Systems 
5. Brand Chosen and Warranty / After sale service.

USB Technology :

Two Common USB technology these days are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. USB 2.0 is an older technology released back in 2000 and have comparable low data transfer rate as Compared to USB 3.0 , a 2008 released technology , Capable of Data Transfer at massive speed of  5 GB/s. also USB 3.0 technology consumes less power , So , if you are buying a new USB flash drive , make sure it is USB 3.0 drive .
Note: USB 3.0 drives are compatible with USB 2.0 motherboards.

Difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Memory Requirements :

USB drives of various memory Capacities like 1 GB , 2 GB , 4 GB , 8 GB , 16 GB , 32 GB  up to 128 GB is available . Buy keeping in mind - How much is your requirements?
Last year i bought a Pendrive of 4 GB , thinking it to be sufficient but however still it was not able to store Games NFS Carbon , Shift that are of 5 and 7 GB resp.

Cost Per Bit or Simply Price :

The price of USB Pendrives may vary from your Local area shop to the Online websites selling  Pendrives. Compare the price of different brands , so that you get the maximum memory at minimum Cost.

Compatibility with O.S. :

Most of the trusted  brands Pen drives are compatible with  all the Common O.S.  like Windows Xp , Vista and Win 7 , Linux and Mac OS. Do check that the one you are buying is compatible with all the OS.

Brands Chosen and Warranty :

Major brands of USB Flash Drive / Pendrives are Kingston , Sandisk , Transcend , HP . Most of them provides after sale warranty varying from 1 year to 5 years.

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