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Watermark is a way to protect your digital images from being copied by someone else by watermarking them and this reduces the chances of your images being copied or if they are copied by somebody you can claim that this is your copyrighted image. Watermarking a image helps in displaying information about yourself , your URL or you can put up any logo on the image. On the other hand if anybody copies your watermarked image and shows it somewhere else, it is a way to great way to get promotion of your blog . I am talking blog because being a blogger i have noticed many time some bloggers copies the image and displays them in their posts. So Watermarking is a great tool and this tool can be implemented on your images with the help of various softwares and Online websites.All the sites are similar , you need to upload the image, watermark them and download them Here is the List of top 6 websites for watermarking images.

1. Picmarkr

2. Watermark-images 

3. Watermarkingtool


5. Free Online Watermarker


6. Picghost