Best iPhone Apps for Cooking

All of the apps in this list can be used to help you cook at home. Some of the apps are great at helping you figure out what foods go well with what, and others are simply large cookbooks. The list is in no particular order, and each app comes at a different cost. Some of them you will have to pay for in the same way you may pay for a cookbook. Some are free but have adverts installed, and some of them start free but then you have to buy extra recipes. Many of the apps are laid out in a similar way to mainstream cookbook, except that some have extra features attached such as a shopping list functions or a timer.

Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals

This is an app that is laid out more like a cookbook. It has lots of images of the different types of food you can cook, and gives step-by-step instructions via photographs on how to cook your meals. The app also gives a few video tips too.


This is an app that helps you to create seasonal foods. There are certain vegetables and fruits that taste better during certain times of the year. For example your homegrown apples will come into season during the late summer and autumn time. This is the time when your apples will taste the best, as they will be coming from places such as Spain during the rest of the year. This app uses that information to help you cook things that are in season right now.


This app prides itself on its variety. It is an app that has a recipe for just about any type of food. If you are the type of person who likes to try something different then this is the app for you. It does not have as wider number of recipes as some other apps, but you are going to find a wider variety with this app than you will with most.

Grocery IQ

With this app you can manage your shopping list so that you do not forget anything when you are at the store. You can make your list up manually or you can scan the barcode of the things you need so that you will not forget them. There are quite a number of features on this app, which you can use to make sure you never forget another item from the grocery store again.

Great British Chefs – Recipes

There are restaurants in Britain, which have had Michelin stars attached, and part of this is because of the very high quality chefs that they have on staff. Some of these chefs have published recipes and cooking techniques for all to see, and this app brings those recipes and techniques to you. This app also goes the extra step of showing you full menus. A really great meal is made up of several courses that all harmonize and come together to form a really great meal. This app shows you menus with course-by-course selections that will thrill your guests. The only limitations this app has come through time and skill. If you have the time to create these dishes, and the skill to make them taste good--then there is no limit to how much you can use this app.
Epicurious Recipes

This app was brought to you by an award winning food site, and will show you 28,000 recipes that you can try yourself. Many of the meals are very healthy and are quite adventurous. If you use this app on your iPad then it can be used more like a cookbook.

Cook's Illustrated

This app offers fifty recipes for free, and you can then purchase more recipes if you like. The set up is similar to a cookbook in that you get your recipes in a step-by-step format. The recipes are quite well researched in that they have been tried a few times so that the creators can see where most people will go wrong. They used this information to make the instructions on the recipes a little clearer.

This app has recipes that are made up from leftover goods that you often find in your house. Instead of asking you to go down to the store for a fresh batch of ingredients, this app will tell you what to make out of your leftover foodstuffs.

How to Cook Everything

This is a how-to cookbook that tries to offer at least one recipe for the most commonly cooked foodstuffs. It is a cookbook that is compressed into an app, which offers over two thousand recipes and four hundred illustrations, which show you how to make the food. It also has a timer function to help you, and a shopping list function so that you can add things to your list as you cook. The dimensions of the apps pages are set up so that it is a little easier to read on your iPhone.


The author of this app claims that food is made up of certain ratios of ingredient, and the closer you get to certain ratios will result in better food. This means that in a sense a person can mix multiple ingredients and still make a fine meal, just so long as the ratios are in the right amounts. This app is a cookbook but will also help you to figure out which ratio is the best. The app has thirty-two ratios that you can use for things such as pastry and batter and meat preparation.

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