Everything you need to know about Apple's iOS 7 : Features

Apple's latest O.S. iOS 7 was announced few days back at WWDC (Worldwide developers  Conference) 2013. Apple has added bunch of new amazing and innovative features in the latest O.S and everybody knows that Apple is known for producing the Products  that are "Best ever". The beta version of iOS 7 is available to developers  for iPhone 4 , iPhone 5 , iPad 2nd Generation , iPad mini and iPod 5th Generation. Lets explore the features added in the Latset Apple's  iOS 7:

1.  Flat and Simple User Interface Design :

iOS 7 has an all new User Interface and the design is different from its predecessors. Everything is Clean and Simple in the news interface and  changes can be observed in icons , fonts as well as popular Slide to Unlock is replaced with  Flat text. The Notification center will now work on the Lockscreen and it has too got new looks.

2. One Swipe  Access Control Center:

You can access everything with easy swipe , i.e. Settings, Airplane mode , Bluetooth , WiFi , Orientation lock , Changing music , Brightness etc The above feature is also available in Popular O.S. Android . Control center also allows you to quickly access camera and calender as well you can turn on your flashlight.

3.  Smart Multitasking:

The latest O.S. has got even smarter multitasking capabilities than its predecessors.  The running apps appears as set of cards and you can multitask between all third party apps . You can double tap the home button to enter the Multitasking mode. The latest O.S helps in better battery life as it allocates more resources to the apps that are used more by you rather than other apps. Thereby another innovative feature added in iOS 7

4.  Airdrop:

Airdrop is available for transfer of files between iOS devices, By turning on the Sharesheet on an app , you can share any item by tapping them. The airdrop feature will work on the latest devices like iPhone 4 , iPhone 5, iPad mini and 5th Generation iPod touch.

5. Camera:

The Camera app can be accessed quickly and there are 4 modes i.e.  Videos , Photos , Photos in Square frame and Panorama pictures. You need to swipe left or right to choose the mode you want.Also Apple has added various filters so that you can edit your Pictures easily. The filters are not amazing like instagram but still great  for everyday use. The media can be shared using Airdrop and i-cloud photo sharing easily.

6. Siri:

Siri has got a new voice , you can switch between male and female voice option and includes many other languages like  French , German, and other languages. The Siri is now even more smarter as it has integrated Wikipedia and Bing support for your search queries.
iOS  in the car:  A new feature will be added , In 2014 Siri will now be integrated into 12 Car manufacturers that will let you change System settings 

7. Safari:

 In iOS 7 , browser Safari has all new User Interface , it opens in full screen mode now and  there is an option to pull down to bring up the search bar at the top. Whole new interface of tabs is provided and there is no limit on the number of tabs. iCloud  Keychain that helps in Password protection in all apple devices has been integrated in the latest O.S.

8. iTunes Radio:

Apple has finally launched iTunes Radio , a service similar to Pandora , that allows you to access featured service stations and songs that are trending on twitter. Also you can create your own Radio station on a music Genre and it also keep tracks of all the songs you listened on the History tab , you can also purchase songs using iTunes radio.

9. Activation Lock:
It helps in protection of your phone against being stolen. In case a thief stoles your phone and he tries to turn off Find my phone , he can't do the same unless he has your iCloud Password

Other Features:

App store has new looks along with Auto update of app feature. Blocking of calls is also provided. Other features include Notification Syncing and Tencent Weibo and improve Apple maps.