How to Share your WiFi / Broadband Internet connection with other WiFi enabled Devices using Connectify Hotspot

This Post  will show you how you can save your bucks by sharing your Internet connection with other WiFi enabled devices. 

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Requirement :

1.  a) You must have a Laptop with a decent Internet connection running on either WiFi  , WiLAN or Broadband.
     b) In case you are running Internet on Desktop / PC , you must have PCI  Card or USB Wireless Adapter (Hardware) installed on your computer.

2. Second Requirement is a Useful Software called Connectify.meHotspot  that do the task of sharing your internet connection with other WiFi devices like smartphones , tablets and other devices. This software is based upon divide and rule basis that means it divides the total bandwidth among number of connected users.

* You can also use this Software for playing  Multiplayer Games over LAN
* You can Drag and Drop files easily to the connected devices over the WiFi Range.

You can download the Connectify  Hotspot Software from their official website


The software is not freeware and it costs $40 for lifetime or you can choose $ 25  per year option. Although the software might be available online for free on some unofficial websites but it is recommended to Purchase an original copy.

After getting the Software , install the same and enter the email Id and License key and finally the software will be ready to use.

A pop up appears on the  Right side of the screen as shown in the above screenshot. You need to configure the settings for the Same.

Configuring the Settings:
1. Turn on the WiFI of the Device in which you want to run the Internet. Make sure you uncheck the  Use static IP in the WiFi settings.

2. Fill in the Required  Details like Hotspot Name , Password , Choose Automatic in  Internet to Share. In case it is  not detecting you Wifi device , Click the Refresh  button at the top right of the Pop up. 

3. Check the Allow Internet Access and Allow  Local Network Access  under Firewall and Click on Start Hotspot  Button.

4. You are done , Now you can enjoy Internet on your WiFi enabled devices. This is a great Software , you don't need separate net connections for each device , the same  connection can be used for number of devices.

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