Best Educational Apps for Smartphones

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Smartphones have become an integral and indispensible part of our lives. Numerous  smart apps are available for smartphones these days that are very much beneficial and a useful tool to share and Gain knowledge. Using Social Networking and messaging  apps like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp isn't the best use of Smartphones. This post will feature some of the best Educational apps available for Smartphones that will surely help you gain knowledge and boost your memory and all the credit goes to developers for such great apps.
Lets explore them :

1. Wikipedia

With more than 32 million article in 280 languages, Wikipedia is free encyclopedia that also offers app for Smartphones that allows you to read wiki pages , save wiki pages for reading them offline , edit wikipedia pages and much more.

Get Wikipedia from Google play for Android.

2. TED :

It is very unique app and you will surely love it. TED offers talks from the world's inspirational and fascinating people, business gurus. It has more than 1700 audio and videos ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. The inspire me feature of TED is also great that features great videos that you will love for sure.
Recommended App.

Get TED for iOS
TED for Android

3. Quora :

Quora is anothergreat app , it is blend of many things , its informative, it entertaining and fun.
Follow the topics that interests you and get mind boggling dose of awesome stuff. Its a cool app to kill boredom and learn new things.

It is the best source of knowledge, Ask any question and get answers for that in quick time. Blog about any stuff and much more.

Get Quora on your Android

4. Quiz-Up:

It is another great app to test and enhance your knowledge, Challenge your friends and other global users with over 500 topics ranging from History , Physics to Maths , riddles , Bollywod , Rap and many more.

5. Dictionary-Merriam Webster:

Don't know any meaning , no worries , Dictionary-Merriam Webster will help you find any meaning. It is fastest and smartest dictionary that offers much more than telling the meaning of the word.
This app also offers voice search as well as you can know antonym , synonym of any word , audio proununciations of words and word of the day feature is also great.

Download and install this app on your device now.
iOS users can download it from itunes while Android users can get it from Google play.

6. Memrise:


Memrise offers thousands of offers that are absolutely free. You can learn various languages, History, Geography , learn chinese  , Spanish , French and much more. It is another awesome app under Educational niche.

Install Links:

7. Coursera:

With Coursera, you can browse over 600 plus courses of over 20 topics from maths to medicine. Enroll in any program and Learn from top instructors of top universities of the world.

Get Coursera for iOS > Android

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Another great app to know any meaning , works offline as well without any internet connection. Also offers audio pronunciation, idioms and phrases, voice search, word of the day, slang content and much more. Get this amazing app for your device now. Android users can download it from Google play store while apple users can get it  from itunes


Designed by neuroscientists to train your memory that challenges your brain.


10. Nasa App:

With this app, you can explore NASA with latest images, videos, news,tweets and other featured content.

Nasa for iOS  , Android

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