How to Reset Root Password in CentOS 6/RHEL

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When you forgot root password on CentOS, you can reset that  easily in 2 minutes.This post will show you how to change to root password in CentOS , RHEL linux and Fedora. Though we can reset root password by several ways like entering as single user mode or editing passwd file.

This post will show how you can change root password by entering in Single user mode.

1.  Power on your Installation , while booting your server, press any key , (Space bar works fine) to enter into GRUB menu.

After powering on , booting starts, Press any key to enter GRUB menu.

2.  Now you will enter into GRUB menu as shown in the screenshot below. Select the appropriate kernel version in case there are multiple. After selecting kernel version, Press "e".

Above is the GRUB Menu, Select kernel version and press e

3. After above step, you need to select kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.... line and press "e". to enter into kernel boot options.

Press e
4.  Changing Kernel Boot options: Now you will come across below screen , Now to enter in Single user mode , enter 1 , s or single after  rhgb quiet.

Add 1 or S and press enter key

5.  After this step , you will be in kernel/vmlinuz....line. Press b key to boot as single user mode.

press b

After this, we are in single mode, we can reset password by typing passwd

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