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Everything around us is getting automated and digitalized saving both our time and money,Thanks to our Smartphones, Useful websites on Web, Applications that acts a boon and we can do a lot from them in matter of seconds. 

Tech is improving day by day, so as the number of cores in your gadget's Snapdragon Processor. Being tech and gadget lover, i love to explore new Smartphones with more enhanced features, better performance and improved Hardware. 

But what about your old device, how to sell it, worrying about bargains/negotiations, Don't worry, is hassle free solution for all these that can help you sell your old gadget in matter of minutes and you will get instant Cash on your doorstep.

Cashify Review 2018 | How to Sell Old mobile phones 

My experience of selling my Old Moto G4 plus

Well, i was quite bored of my old Moto G4 plus and wanted to get rid of the same this Diwali. Obviously, phone do have cons that provoked me to get rid of the same and get a new Smartphone with better features.

Now  my mind browsed for the options that  i can opt for Selling my Old device. 
I came across below Options.

1. Selling it Offline - Visited Nehru Place market.
2  Flipkart / Amazon exchange policies.
3  Selling via OLX
4. and it worked smoothly.

I will discuss above options one by one.

Fisrtly, i visited Famous Gadget Market in South Delhi - Nehru place as there are several shops that buys old gadgets like laptops and mobiles, I showed them my Moto G 4Plus but i was not getting the required return, The highest price i was offered was merely Rs 2200 that was way too low, so i did not opted this option.

Secondly, I visited Flipkart and Amazon that allows us to sell our old mobiles as exchange policy in case you are planning for purchasing new one, it offered better return than Option 1 but still it was not much convincing, Moreover Rs 100 is charged as picking charges and secondly this option can only be used if you have to Purchase a new one that means you have to spend more to get rid of old device. As per exchange, i was getting 3800 - 100 = Rs 3700 for my device, but i have to spend 11,299  more to get rid of my old device that is the disadvantage of exchange policy.

Thirdly, I tried posting ad on Olx, but  again, i did not found it much useful as there are too much bargains and negotiations in the process and i found it not safer to sell my device to a stranger  who can later on ping/contact me for any issues occurring in device later post selling. Process was full of negotiations,So, i cancelled this option.

> Well Fourth one, that i found really great is none other than

I visited the site and checked for the price that i can get for my Old Moto,it asked some questions regarding my Device status like whether it switchs on or not, Is there any feature that do not work,we need to select that Feature, I must say The Site interface was very User Friendly, Other info gathered was warranty info, after giving all the details, I got instant Quote of Rs 5450, now that is a Great Deal for my old moto g4  and I was really happy to see great return for my old mobile.

Device was quoted for Rs 5450, that's more than Flipkart or any other option i explored till now and other selling choice/offers (Amazon, Myntra vouchers) gave more value than Cash (upto Rs 6250), which is another advantage.

Well, i scheduled the pickup time slot as per my convenience and Sold the same without any fuss or difficulty

How it works : Watch Below Video:

Below are the Pros of Selling Your Old device/gadget on Cashify:

1.  You will get best selling price of your  old Gadget.
2.  Get instant Price Quote for your device
2.  Free pickup will be scheduled as per time/date/day selected by us.
3.  Customer support over email ( and Phone +91-9555-657-657
4.  Get instant Cash at your doorstep on selling.
5.  You can get more selling value with Amazon, Myntra Vouchers Option that offers 5-10 % more amount than quoted. I found  this feature great as well.
6.  Hassle free and safe process

BONUS :Use code CLEANCASH to get additional Rs 250 on the sale of your Gadget

Thus, to summarize my experience of selling my Old Motog4 plus:

S. NoOptionMaximum Price Offered in INRComment
1Offline - Nehru Place Market2200Lowest price among all
2Flipkart Exchange 3700Rs 100 Pickup Charges and You have to spend more money for buying new device
3Amazon Exchange 3503You have to spend more money for buying new device
4Olx3000 - 5500Process Full of Negotiations
5Cashify5450Hassle Free, Safe process with instant Cash on doorstep
6Cashify vouchers(Amazon, Myntra)Upto 6250Great option, offers more than Cash Value

**  Well if you are planning to sell your old device (Mobile or Laptop), you can trust Cashify and Go ahead and Sell your device.   #CleanUpCashOut 

Do share us your experience of selling old gadgets and don't forget to like, Share this Post. 


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