Creating Virtual machines in KVM using GUI tool

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In our earlier post, we explained how you can easily install and configure KVM Hypervisor on RHEL 7 or Centos 7, In this post, i will tell you the steps to create your first Kernel based Virtual machine using GUI based Virt Manager.

If you have not installed Hypervisor yet,please read below post and do the same first.

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Once you are done with installation/configuration tasks of KVM hypervisor along with x window package.

Type virt-manager on your Hypervisor that will open up a GUI tool that is used to manage KVM

[root@himanshu ~]# virt-manager

You will see something like below, In below screenshot, i already have 2 KVM machines created.

Click on File > New Virtual machine or Desktop/Screen button to Create a new Virtual machine.

The Virtual Machine Manager VM wizard

If you are creating VM using iso image, browse the iso file/media locally on your system and click Forward.

Give the name of machine you want and click Finish


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