How to Hotlist or Block your HDFC Debit card / ATM Card Online using Netbanking

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In case you have lost your HDFC  Debit Card / ATM Card or the same is damaged or you don't need the same anymore. There is an option to Block/ Hotlist your debit card. It can be done using Phonebanking but Phonebanking process is not so smooth, I found Netbanking method can help you to do the same in minutes, In this post,i will show you the process to Block or Hotlist your debit card online using Netbanking. Netbanking is a necessary requirement to block/hotlist Debit Card.

There are three methods to Block HDFC Debit Card

A.  By using Netbanking
B.  By using Phonebankinh
C.  By visiting HDFC bank Branch,

This blog post covers the steps to  block HDFC debit card using method A  (by using Netbanking)

Steps to Block or Hotlist your HFC Debit Card Online using Netbanking

Below is the process of Blocking your HDFC Debit Card.

1. Login to Netbanking using your Netbanking ID/ Customer ID and password.

2. At the top menu, there is a Cards option, Click on Cards.

3. At the left side menu, there will be Debit Card section. In that go to Request -- then Choose Debit Card hotlisting.

4. It will display all the Debit Cards linked to your account.

4.  Select and click on the Card number that you want to block/Hotlist.

5. Choose the reason and click on Confirm and you will be get below notification on your screen.

So, by using above steps you can easily block your HDFC debit cards in a minute, hassle free. There are another options to Block Debit Card using Phonebanking and personally visiting the bank branch.

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