IPv6 Address Format

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IPv6  or Internet Protocal Version 6 is the next generation protocol for Internet communication. INTERNET - World's largest public data network is doubling in size every 9 months.The internet have seen tremendous growth in terms of devices accessing the Internet, due to which IPv4 address are running out and IPv6 which provide huge number of address space came to rescue to cope up with rising IP demands of growing Internet and network devices. 

Many methods were adopted to ease and diminish the depletion of IPv4 like NAT, Subnetting, CIDR and these methods are not sufficient to ensure scalability for future demands.

So, the major advantage of IPv6 is it has larger IP address space. IPv6 has 128 bit address space compared to 32 bit address space of IPv4. IPv6 offers 3.4 x 10^38 addresses compared to 4.3 billion addresses of IPv4

Ip address in Ipv6 is separated in two parts:

1. Network Prefix
2. Interface /Host ID

Format and Length of IPv6:

8 sections of 4 hex number separated by colon

Full Address: 1224:1532:26B1:CC14:123:1111:2222:3333/64
Network Prefix ID:  1224:1532:26B1:CC14:
Host ID/  Interface id :    123:1111:2222:3333

The /64 indicates that the first 64 bits of this address identify the prefix.


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