Install Oracle VirtualBox and deploy Centos 7 machine with screenshots

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Install Oracle VirtualBox on Windows 10 Laptop and deploy Centos 7 machine with screenshots

Hello and welcome to this blog post, In this post we are going to learn how we can set up a Lab environment on our Laptop. We are going to use Oracle Virtual box to setup a lab with a virtual machine and Centos 7.9 installed on it. 

You can choose VMware workstation as well or any virtualization technology you are comfortable with as an alternative option to Oracle VirtualBox.

Install VirtualBox on your Laptop

Download the Oracle Virtual Box software and install the same. It is supported for Linux, Windows, Macintosh  and Solaris

Download page

Go to the download page and install the software for the Laptop OS , in this post we have used Windows 10.

Once downloaded, run the executable and setup wizard, installation is very easy.  Click on the installer with .exe and click on next.

Click next and select the location. We are going to set the default options.

Finally read the warning about the network interfaces, its going to reset the network connection.

Click install and it goes through the installation process and it finishes in a minute

Once installation is finished,  you will see the Oracle Virtual Box interface as shown below

How to install/deploy a Centos Machine on VirtualBox

To deploy the virtual machine, you need a image of the OS you want to deploy. In this demo, we are setting up Centos 7.9 machine.

Download the image from  There are lot of images available for different OS versions,  if you want to download centos image, go directly to

It will download a compressed .7z file and it takes about 1 GB space. Once downloaded extract the .7z file.  You will find the centos vdi image in the 64bit folder.

Now go back to Oracle virtual box and start deploy the centos machine.

Click on Machine - New 

It will bring below interface, here you need to specify the name and the OS that you want to install.

Choose Redhat 64 bit as version.

In the next step, select the memory size you want for your machine, i have used 2 GB for my centos 7.9 machine.

I am going to go ahead and select the hard disk, i have used Use an existing virtual hard disk and browse to the path where you have centos vdi image downloaded. 

Click on choose and create

Now, it has deployed the centos image or Centos virtual machine.

Before powering on the Centos machine,  update the settings options and select the network option and set the network type to bridged.  By default, you will find it as NAT.

Update the same and set it to Bridged Adapter and adapter that is going to be bridged to is my wifi router.

You can now proceed to start your virtual machine.

You can now proceed to login to your machine, the password is same as that of user i.e in lowercase.

Hope you are able to deploy centos Linux machine following this tutorial. Feel free to comment in case you are facing any issue or having any doubt.


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