Flipkart #BigBillionDay turns into flopkart | Customers Reactions - Hilarious Tweets and Status

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Flipkart's much awaited #BigBillionDay aka Indian Black Friday kicked off yesterday but sale turned into a flop sale as most of the best deals went out of stock in minutes or it was showing Error 404 many times.The mega sale started at 8:00 am and within few minutes most of the attractive items were out of stock.

In many instances, Flipkart allegedly marked up the retail price of products and then sold them by offering discounts. Buyer's frustration thus made its way to twitter and Facebook, Check out the compilation below and it's simply hilarious.

Price of many products were raised and then Flipkart offered discounts but Digital customer is not too dumb to fall in this trap.

Not only Twitter, but  Facebook timelines were full of  Customers Frustration and #Flipkart trolls.


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